Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally?

where does marijuana grow naturally

Wild Marijuana - Where and How Does It Grow?

Ever thought about the mechanism of growing Marijuana naturally?

With the ever-increasing trends in the trade of Marijuana, many people are now considering growing Marijuana themselves. 

Marijuana cultivation has caught people’s attention mainly owing to its low-maintenance nature as a plant, which doesn’t demand much attention and effort to produce yield.

Moreover, it has now become a profitable source of income for many. 

Even if you have no plans of growing Cannabis plants for business use, it still can save you some serious bucks if you choose to produce your own Marijuana, even for recreational purposes, whether it be the male or female plants

If you live in a greenery-dominant area, you might not even need to give any important consideration to how it’s grown. Nature does this job for you very well. 

Yes, Marijuana grown naturally is not a myth!

This article will help you become privy to the history, location, existence, benefits, and other details regarding the wild Cannabis plant that grows naturally.

What Is Wild Cannabis?

Ditch weed is another name for Wild Cannabis. The hot spot for ditch weed growth is the United States

As the name indicates, feral Marijuana grows naturally without human intervention, such as being sown, planted, or fertilized. 

So when you ask ‘where does marijuana grow naturally?‘, this really is its root meaning. 

Surprisingly, it doesn’t contain any proportion of THC – a psychoactive substance that has both medical uses and potential for drug abuse.

On the other hand, the Cannabis that people cultivate intentionally might have about 20% or even more high levels of THC.

 All sorts of Cannabis, i.e., Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, come under Wild Cannabis. 

Moreover, historical records have argued the link of the origination of Cannabis directly with the hemp plant for a long time.

The Cannabis plants that industries grow commercially might contain some resin, while wild Cannabis is free of this substance.

History of Growing Marijuana Naturally

If we trace the origination of the Marijuana plants, it takes us thousands of years back when India and ancient China discovered the benefits of cannabis use for the first time

People have been using the Cannabis plant for a long time. With the trend seriously hiking in recent years, without much knowledge of its chemical properties, active ingredients, different strains, or medicinal uses.

When it first emerged not much was known about it; however, people soon started identifying the existence of two different Marijuana strainsC. Indica and C. Sativa , as different climates, locations, and other conditions changed.

Evidence suggests it to be from the Himalayan Mountains, Tibet, and the India-Afghan border.

Suitable natural habitat and ideal conditions aided the plant’s growth, and hence, it broadened its horizon throughout the Middle East and Central Asia

A recent study also claims Chinese emperors to be the first to discover Cannabis back in 2900 BCE. 

Therefore, our best bet is the speculation that it was Western China or around China, where it first originated.

Let’s now get into how Marijuana plants have spread their wings throughout the World.

Where does Marijuana Grow Naturally?

To ensure the best quality of your plant, you might now be curious to learn about the places and local climates where you can find Marijuana if you are looking forward to growing Marijuana naturally. 

Let’s get started! We shall discuss the 8 parts of the World that are well-known for the existence of Wild Cannabis.

1. Middle East

The Middle East is one of the initial places that wild pot is considered home since it offers the right conditions for Cannabis growth, especially in Lebanon. 

While the moderate areas are best for Lebanon’s landrace Red, the dry regions facilitate the development of hardy plant strains. 

Hindukush and Afghani landrace strains are the residents of Afghanistan’s chaotic regions because it grows best in this soil type and vegetative state.

This factor has made Afghanistan one of the biggest Cannabis suppliers. 

The whole Mid-East hosts the Hindukush strain wholeheartedly, especially the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, endowing it with an earthy scent.

2. Africa

Africa’s Malawi’s tropical climates make it very suitable for Cannabis growth; hence Marijuana grows naturally here. 

On the other hand, the Sinai landrace comes from Egypt as it can withstand Egypt’s high temperatures and intense sunlight.

Swazi Gold is yet another African strain that has a woody to the sweet citrus flavor. It is a very flexible strain as it can grow on a variety of landscapes.

Although the idea of hunting Cannabis might be intriguing, one must be aware of the laws of a particular state to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

3. Mexico

Mexico is known for its vast fields that provide the best humidity and heat; thus, Marijuana grows naturally in Mexico. 

Mexican Sativa, Acapulco gold is golden sweet Cannabis strains with earthy scents widely found in these areas. 

Central America and Southwestern US also contain this strain in their premises.

4. Nepalese Himalayas

Marijuana also lives in some Himalayan villages where it has not earned due respect yet. 

Yes, we are talking about the Nepalese side of the Himalayan range here. 

It is illegal around the Nepalese Himalayas, but the poor farmers cultivate these crops illegally to earn their livelihood. 

Most farmers keep on moving their crops to prevent themselves from being captured by authorities. 

Many hippies are inhabitants of this area, and the main attractive force for them is these crops.

5. Jamaica

While Marijuana is completely illegal in some states, other places have made it a part of their culture. 

Jamaicans opened their arms to Cannabis plants, although it is not a native plant, and appeared on the scene only about 150 years ago. 

Laborers of East India Company did this service of bringing Marijuana when they migrated to British colonies. 

Once in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, you might feel mint and citrus aroma at places, and your eyes will not miss noticing the abundance of finger-like flowers. 

King’s breed and Jamaica’s lamb breed enjoy the mild winters, intense sunlight, and long growing seasons in Jamaica.

6. North Korea

North Koreans freely cultivate wild weed even though the legal status of Marijuana in North Korea is not very clear.

The system doesn’t make it accessible to all the residents. 

7. Europe

We have talked about Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, but there is yet another strain you might not have even heard about. 

We are talking about Cannabis ruderalis here.

This type truly belongs to Europe and is a comparatively less psychoactive compound as the CBD to THC ratio is very high. 

Its use for depression has made it very popular in Russia and Mongolia. 

It is not the light cycle but the time that makes this Cannabis strain flower, making this Cannabis strain different from others.

Swiss Sativa, as the name indicates, flourishes in Switzerland.

8. Midwestern U.S

The feral Cannabis that we see growing in North America is the ditch weed; however, it is not native to this place. 

It comes from the industrial hemp plants, and thus we can expect a reduced THC content. 

Marijuana grows naturally in this region because of birds, wind, animals, and insects that carry the Cannabis seeds from one place through miles to another. 

People considered growing Marijuana in this region a sign of patriotism since it had a significant role in World War 2

The authorities couldn’t stop the spread of Marijuana as the remnants in soil aided distribution. 

Plus, Cannabis’ sustainability – seeds can be dormant for 10 years. 

In this era, authorities have been trying hard to stop the spread, but Mother Nature keeps playing her role no matter how many plants were removed. 

And now you can find this weed plant in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Minnesota. 

The THC content of this Cannabis is low, and thus, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) eradicated about 99% of Cannabis plants from the region.  

DEAs of the different regions are dealing with it differently. 

While those in Minnesota destroy even the ploughs and tools of farmers, DEA in Indiana doesn’t consume energy on eradicating weed plants anymore.

4 Benefits of Wild Cannabis

You might be wondering about all the fuss behind finding or growing Marijuana naturally. 

You are probably unaware of the benefits that it offers to human beings compared to cultivated Cannabis.

1. Environment-friendly nature

When we grow Cannabis ourselves, we might need to provide electricity for lights, fans, and other equipment. 

However, allowing marijuana to grow naturally requires none of these resources, as it takes its energy from air and sunlight that don’t cost much.

2. Relaxing Activity

Doctors often suggest people suffering from mental ailments find hobbies and activities rather than spending spare time. 

It is a general observation that spending time outdoors can be more therapeutic than finding an indoor activity. 

What’s better than gardening since the ploughing, planting, and the whole cultivation procedure relaxes the mind like nothing else.

3. High-Yield

You don’t face the limitations of the area when growing Marijuana naturally. 

Hence, you can produce a high yield since they can be grown as tall as you want until the point where it is manageable. 

You can get half to a pound yield from one plant. 

When developing for your personal use, you need to plant a couple of plants to get the supply going without any interruption.

4. Low Costs

To let marijuana grow naturally, you don’t need to arrange many resources. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t require a lot of costs. 

You only need soil, some seeds, or maybe a small greenhouse setup.

How to Grow Marijuana Naturally

You need to analyse a few factors if you intend to grow Marijuana outdoors.

Let’s look at those for your fool-proof Marijuana growing experience.


The warm climate is Marijuana’s best friend; a temperature between 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for the growth of the Cannabis plant.

 Wild plants are ideal because they can grow even in harsh conditions, but a temperature above 85 degrees Fahrenheit and below 55 degrees Fahrenheit is hazardous.

Make sure that the plant doesn’t get exposed to fast winds or heavy rains.

Choosing the Best Site

So far, you know that proper sunlight and air are essential for the outdoor growth of Marijuana

However, you won’t like to get in trouble by planting in a very open space. 

Cultivate at a place where no neighbors or people passing by can peep in.

Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally? The Bottom Line

Wild Marijuana is a gift from nature that allows everyone to find, grow, or access Cannabis. 

Although the idea of hunting Cannabis might be intriguing, one must be aware of the laws of a particular state to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

Moreover, you are more likely to find different kinds of Cannabis in Mexico, the Himalayas, and Jamaica.

But remember, it is not cool to pick from someone’s cultivated Cannabis.