Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil? Here Are The Facts

truck drivers use CBD

Truck Drivers Using CBD Oil - Everything You Need To Know

Truck drivers are using CBD as the CBD industry is expanding, and many are turning to marijuana-derived products.

Products such as CBD oil, to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, chronic pain, minor pain relief, and anxiety for long hours on the road.

So if you are a truck driver who loves CBD oil or full-spectrum CBD products, wanting to know ‘can truck drivers use CBD oil?’ then read on.

Or, maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about in recent years because drug screens and alcohol testing regulation is not always clear.

A recent survey in the CBD market found that truck service providers rarely allow truck drivers to use CBD products. 

It’s a good idea to collaborate with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to avoid any random drug test that could reveal a positive test

The answer is yes and no; we will cover everything you need to know about CBD oil and transportation as learned from the department of transportation (DOT).

To understand whether or not truck drivers use CBD, we need to understand the fundamental question:

What is CBD oil?

But before that, let’s look at the definition of marijuana:

marijuana is dried weed ready to be smoked, and safety-sensitive employees are not allowed by USDOT to use it. 

However, CBD oil is removed from the controlled substances act according to compliance notice of the Farm Bill since it is suitable for mental health.

CBD oil, also called cannabidiol oil, is an herbal dietary supplement extracted from cannabis plants.

As the CBD name suggests, the key ingredient in CBD oil is CBD (cannabidiol).

A non-intoxicating chemical known to medical science since its discovery in the 1940s for a medical condition such as sleep disorders.

CBD is Different From THC

CBD is also used for recreational purposes and is different from THC. Many drivers use CBD while driving for a long time

Understanding the difference between THC and CBD can be confusing.

The significant dissimilarity is that CBD does not have the exact psychoactive effects as THC. 

However, it is best to keep in mind that any CBD product may contain trace amounts of THC with CBD use

These traces appear in CBD oil because CBD oil comes from medical marijuana plants that contain THC.

CBD Oil Is Made From Flowers And Buds Of Hemp

CBD oil is made or produced by extracting cannabidiol from the flowers and buds of hemp or hemp plants.

There are many ways to extract the oil from the plant and make CBD oil. 

CO2 extraction is considered the best method for extracting CBD from industrial hemp.

As this method is environmentally friendly, significantly safer, cleaner, cheaper, and less toxic than fossil fuel-based extraction. 

Truck drivers use CBD since it has no intoxicating effects and federal laws make it legal in the United States, truck drivers can use CBD products.

If a person ingests an inappropriate amount of CBD over 0.3% THC, that small excess amount of THC in CBD products could accumulate enough to give a positive result on a drug test.

CBD Oils Cannot Be Used In Every State

It is best to remember that while CBD is federal level legal, it is recommended for some conditions. 

Truck drivers cannot use CBD oil in all states because the state law for CBD isn’t under the federal government or federal oversight and has different states restrictions. 

For example, medical review officers say hemp-based products containing less THC (0.3%) are appropriate cutoffs of THC, and above that is prohibited even in Nebraska, Idaho, and South Dakota.

Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Yes, because CBD oils are full-spectrum CBD products, even transit vehicle operators use CBD oil and enjoy its health benefits since CBD isn’t under use of schedule.

Legal issues similar to alcohol policy could arise if the CBD oil you are using is not a quality product and contains an illegal amount of THC.

In this case, truck drivers and school bus drivers should avoid it. 

Also, police can order commercial truck drivers to complete a field impairment assessment if they believe a driver is under the influence of a controlled substance such as THC. 

So make sure the product you use complies with guidelines and laws based on the farm bill.

Truck Drivers Must Follow Local And State Regulations

Again, it is best that commercial drivers follow local and state regulations when purchasing and consuming CBD products to preserve commercial driver’s license.

It’s also important to note that there is a small chance that people will test positive for THC with the use of CBD products

This typically occurs under two specific circumstances:

  1. When a person ingests a higher levels of THC or CBD product that contains more THC levels than advertised.
  2. If a person ingests an inappropriate amount of CBD over 0.3% THC, that small excess amount of THC in CBD products could accumulate enough to give a positive result test.

Drug tests cannot differentiate THC from CBD oil and THC from the cannabis plant. 

The regular drug administration tests do not reveal the THC content and pattern of your use or THC source in your blood. 

Even if CBD oils are labeled THC-free, they can still cause a positive drug test result from your use of CBD oils!

With CBD oil and the use of marijuana from non-legal channels (for example, foreign-sourced much CBD oil or non-prescription local suppliers), the effects of CBD here are not always clear, and cannabinoids are present in the oil for lack of legitimate medical explanation

So to help your dot test, before you buy CBD oil, make sure you understand what cannabinoids are in the product. 

And what quality standards or regulations the product meets; properly tested CBD oil will not cause problems in your DOT drug test under normal circumstances, meaning more and more drivers use CBD oil.

Know What To Look For In CBD Oils

The best way to go about CBD oils or marijuana use is to know what to look for when shopping. 

That’s, for quality CBD products, you are much less likely to fall for product descriptions and misleading marketing practices which can then lead to drug testing issues. 

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil? The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, yes, truck drivers use CBD – but be sure to do your research and use a reputable company that tests such products

Extensive laboratory testing will show if the product does not contain more than the legally required amount of THC in CBD oils. 

The FDA issues warning letters when their testing finds that a product label states contents that differs from the actual product.

Also, labelling of many CBD products may not be accurate. 

Thus, laboratory testing works best.