CBD Tincture Vs Vape Juice – What is the Difference?

CBD Tincture Vs Vape Juice

Which is Better CBD Tincture Or CBD Vape?

The CBD industry has snowballed in recent years. What was once shrouded in mystery, is now a multi-million dollar global industry.

Different CBD brands are producing different CBD products, oral tincture, CBD drops and even edibles,  rising to the demands of CBD users.

Vaping is no different. The pens you use, the vape oil that goes in them and the health benefits and concerns of it all – where do you start?

The good news is, you are in the right place. We are about to unpick all of the questions surrounding CBD Tincture Vs Vape, so strap yourself in.

CBD Tincture vs Vape - What’s The Difference?

CBD tinctures are made by distilling oil from the cannabis plant with an alcohol solution. 

The alcohol-based solution is the critical difference between tinctures and CBD vape juices. 

The alcohol-free versions are categorized as regular CBD oils. Many commercially marketed oils are flavored, making them easier to use to get the desired effect

The tincture of CBD is made from cannabis extracts of CBD flower and is based on alcohol. 

A tincture is liquid, while a vape uses a liquid. It’s important to remember that CBD tincture is different from a vaporized version. 

If you choose a vaporizer, you’ll need a pen that uses oil, which is a popular method to take CBD.

CBD Tincture Vs Vape | Distinguishing Role of Carrier Oil

A tincture can contain CBD extract, which is insoluble and must be dissolved in a carrier oil

On the other hand, vape juice contains CBD in a liquid form that is easily inhaled or vaporized. Essentially, the carrier oil makes CBD e-liquid different from CBD oil. 

A food-grade oil, such as hemp seed oil, produces a tincture. The carrier should be non-harmful for both and should not be considered a substitute for medical cannabis

Food-grade oils are generally used for the type of oil used in a tincture. These are easy to absorb and digest.

In contrast, liquids for vaping are made with thinning agents because ordinary oils are too viscous to be vaporized in the CBD cartridges

Tinctures include a range of thinning agents, such as;

  • Propylene glycol
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin

Using cannabis tinctures will be more beneficial for you, but remember that the Drug administration authority keeps proper checks and balances under the controlled substances act, so don’t buy illegal stuff. 

Note: The Farm Bill legalizes some CBD and industrial hemp.

Do CBD tinctures and CBD Oils Differ?

The differences between CBD tincture vs vape are not only cosmetic. 

Many companies now offer flavored tinctures, making it easy to find the best flavor for you but be aware of the number of heavy metals like lead and arsenic in the standard few milligrams of CBD

Unlike vapors, which have an unpleasant taste, tinctures are non-toxic and easy to take.

CBD Tincture vs Vape - 6 Key Differences

  1. Among the many differences between CBD tincture and CBD vape oil, the most important is its period for the benefits to become apparent.
  2. Most traditional oils are too viscous to burn on the heating coils of CBD pens, so manufacturers add a thinning agent to make them more liquid-like and therefore easier to use in vape cartridges.
  3. CBD e-juice and tinctures differ in their methods of administration. Whereas CBD tinctures are meant for oral consumption and should not be combined.

CBD tinctures are made by distilling oil from the cannabis plant with an alcohol solution.  The alcohol-based solution is the critical difference between tinctures and CBD vape juices. 

  1. CBD vapes are usually more convenient because it does not have to be smoked for the vape device.
  2. Besides, the vaporizer device is safer. While CBD tinctures are easy to use, they require different dosages and procedures.
  3. The tincture is more concentrated than vape products.

CBD Tincture Vs Vape - Versatility

CBD tincture vs vape products have similar effects when it comes to the therapeutic effects of each, but you need to use them according to medical advice

A tincture is taken sublingually, (under the tongue) and is usually cheaper per serving than the vape version. 

There are many types of CBD products on the market, and you’ll indeed find the one you’ll like best.

In addition, a tincture can also be used as a sublingual application instead of a pill.

If you are interested in tincture, you can choose between different products, and there are a variety of flavors, hundreds in fact! 

Such as Natural, Berry, Orange, Mint, Strawberry and Cream, Peppermint, Chocolate or Vanilla.

CBD Tincture Vs Vape - The Cost Factor

Another drawback of vape CBD tincture is its high cost. It is more expensive per serving than a CBD vape. 

However, it will last a much longer time in your system if used properly. 

A CBD tincture can last a longer time than a vape does. And it’s cheaper per serving because it’s delivered in a liquid form.

Effectiveness of CBD Tincture and Vape

There is a different amount of CBD in different types of tinctures. 

Unlike a vapor, CBD tincture is the best way to deal with pain management, reduce addiction risk, and other health benefits

The advantages of both CBD tincture vs vape are apparent. 

A tincture is a potent form of CBD, and a vape vaporizer will deliver a concentrated dose of the compound. 

A vape has a lower THC tincture, while a tincture has more THC detected in the drug test if taken in a lot.

CBD Tincture vs Vape | Which Is Better?

If you are thinking of trying CBD for your health and disease control, you may wonder which product is a great option for you. 

Many people prefer to take CBD in the form of a tincture, as it has high bioavailability compared to tinctures. 

However, CBD vapes may not be for everyone.

Using tincture is safer than smoking, as it is not psychoactive, which is a good reason to use them. 

There are different disposable vape pens in the market now to choose your best CBD vape pens.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Vs’ debate…

Carrier Oil Make Tinctures Less Toxic

Tissue tinctures are a form of CBD oil. 

CBD tinctures are produced by mixing cannabidiol with a thinning agent since ordinary oils are too viscous to be vaporized. 

In addition, the thinning agent and type of oil like essential oils, MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides.), olive oil, and coconut oil help prevent the product from becoming toxic to the body.

Dosage Control of CBD Vape

The CBD vape offers greater control over the dosage, and you need to know how much CBD to take to avoid side effects

Moreover, CBD vape juice gets into the body quickly so that you can experience its effects within minutes. 

The digestive tract directly receives the CBD tinctures after consumption through carrier oil. So, you need to buy CBD products with a complete certificate of analysis and quality assurance.

CBD tincture is best taken under the tongue, whereas a CBD vape is better taken orally.

Amount of Cannabidiol

A CBD tincture contains pure cannabidiol, while a tincture contains various additives and carrier oils for immediate effects and better health. 

It is also vaporized, whereas a CBD tincture can be inhaled or consumed.

You might prefer vaping CBD over CBD tinctures if you want a more suitable way to consume CBD.


CBD oil tinctures are popular ways to reduce anxiety, chronic pain, and therapeutic effects.

There are many benefits of CBD. 

If you’re not sure which one is better, consider your personal goals when choosing between the two. 

CBD vape liquid and vaporizers are accessible and very effective, having different consumption methods.


CBD tinctures are similar to vaporizers, but the difference is how they work. Both methods are beneficial for different people. 

Some people prefer tincture, while others prefer Vape CBD oil

The vapes are more convenient than tinctures. You can use them anywhere, and it’s a great way to get a better, less addictive experience.


The most significant difference between a tincture and a vape is their bioavailability

CBD oil is a liquid, while tinctures have alcohol and are more concentrated. 

While a tincture may be more potent, CBD oils are generally more effective. They can improve mood and reduce stress.

Whole Mechanism | How Does a CBD Tincture Extract?

CBD tinctures are a potent way to ingest cannabidiol. 

These herbal remedies are made by merging hemp, hemp seed oil,  cannabis flower, and other botanicals with high-proof alcohol. 

After that, it is simmered at a low temperature for an extended time, maybe for several weeks. 

Heating alcohol transforms it from solid to liquid, thereby purifying it simultaneously.

The final product is now complete and ready for consumption in many different ways to get the desired soothing results.

In addition to CBD tinctures, there are other types of CBD products like CBD gummies and snacks, capsules and powders. 

Some CBD tinctures are also ingested sublingually, making the cannabinoids more readily available.

CBD Tincture Vs Vape - 4 Key Health Risks

While vaping is a popular way to consume CBD, extensive studies have yet to be conducted on the effects of CBD

Although CBD tinctures are generally safe and effective, several concerns are surrounding vaping CBD. 

Prescription medications, pregnancy, existing health conditions and desired outcomes should all be taken into consideration before taking any new chemicals or compounds into the body.

1. It can Become Toxic

The main reason is that the substance is too thick to be inhaled, so manufacturers use chemicals to dilute it before being used as a liquid. 

To reduce the cost of these products, some companies use a toxic chemical known as propylene glycol to make the CBD oil thinner. 

MCT oils are not harmful to humans and are generally considered safe. 

Many manufacturers tout this compound as an all-natural ingredient, but this is not the case.

2. Nausea and Disorientation

According to a recent study, if a person consumes hemp-derived CBD vaporizers, they can experience several dangerous symptoms, including;

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive system issues
  • Disorientation

It also showed that vaping could lead to cancer. 

A recent public health study was concerned about the adulteration of CBD products with synthetic cannabinoids and high concentrations of THC that can lead to lung injury because of vitamin e acetate present as a thinning agent.

3. Respiratory Problems

In addition to the risks of vaping CBD, it can also cause respiratory problems.

While it’s essential to understand the effects of vaporizing CBD, it’s essential to know how it differs from smoking.

So, it’s best to find out how much CBD you need based on your weight and what you want to achieve from your CBD.

4. Can You Vape CBD Oil Tinctures?

It depends on the product. Some tinctures are made from food-grade ingredients that should not be vaporized. 

The reason is that the chemicals in food-grade products are toxic to the lungs. 

You should also avoid vaporizing these ingredients unless you have a medical prescription.

Is CBD tincture any good?

Several studies have demonstrated that it can help with acute conditions like anxiety and insomnia. 

Since CBD is highly concentrated, it can quickly pass through the digestive system. 

CBD tinctures are taken sublingually in most cases, which means the body more quickly absorbs them. 

Many epilepsy patients use sublingual CBD tinctures because cannabinoids are more easily ingested into the body.

CBD Tincture Vs Vape Juice - The Bottom Line

Whether there are differences in appearance and potency, CBD Tincture Vs Vape is the talk of the town. 

They are safe for oral and topical consumption, but vaping any product should be approached with caution.

Both are made of cannabis and should be diluted accordingly for the best results. 

To avoid tainted products, read product labels carefully and take time to select the CBD tincture that is best suited to your body.