CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia – 15 Of The Very Best (2022)

cbd oil for sleep

Which CBD Brands And Products Work Best For Sleep?

If you struggle to get a good night’s rest, you’re not alone. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), an estimated 50 to 70 million people in the United States have difficulty sleeping.

That’s one in three adults. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. If sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other sleep disorders are preventing you from getting the rest you need, CBD products for sleep could help.

Many people take CBD products daily to support their overall health and well-being. 

After all, the compound has been reported to have numerous health benefits, like calming anxiety and alleviating chronic pain. 

But what about using CBD Oil for sleep?

CBD oil is a natural and effective way to improve your sleep patterns. It helps alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, improve your REM sleep cycle, and lower your stress levels.

We’ve researched many brands to find the best CBD oil for sleep, including oils, CBD tinctures and CBD gummies

Check out our top picks for 2022 below.

What is CBD?

CBD (aka cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant.

Unlike its more famous cousin, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), using CBD won’t make you feel high.

CBD oil products help with everything from pain management to anxiety. 

The product that may be the most well-known is CBD oil, but the CBD industry has grown far beyond just oils. 

There’s something for everyone in this growing market, from tinctures to bath bombs and even a range of CBD Pet Products.

There are many ways to use CBD oil for sleep, but we recommend using either a tincture or capsules. 

This is because they both provide relatively high doses of cannabidiol to help promote a restful night’s sleep

If you’re new to using CBD, start with the lower doses and work your way up to one that works for you.

How Does CBD Oil For Sleep Work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second prominent cannabinoid found in high-resin cannabis plants.

CBD oil is among the most prevalent health products on the market today, and for good reason.

CBD oil products can help a wide range of health issues like; 

  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Pain

But sleep issues are also high on the list.

It is a known fact that lack of sleep has been linked to many diseases and health problems such as weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. 

CBD works by binding to CB1 receptors in your brain and immune system

These receptors are primarily concentrated in your central nervous system (but also occur in your liver, kidneys, and lungs).

CBD, Sleep And Anandamide

According to recent studies, it was discovered that people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders are usually deficient in anandamide, also known as “bliss molecule”- a cannabinoid that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles as well as mood! 

Taking a higher dose of CBD can improve sleep quality if you have insomnia or other sleep disorders.

CBD oil is an excellent alternative because it does not have any harmful side effects like prescription medications do. 

You can also use CBD oil in conjunction with other natural sleep aids such as lavender essential oils or Herbal Tea, to help you relax before bedtime.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep — The Buyer's Guide

Purchasing CBD oil for sleep is a confusing process for consumers.

There are multiple types of CBD oils, and unlike traditional oils made from plants, these oils are extracted from different compounds such as hemp, industrial hemp, and marijuana.

According to recent studies, it was discovered that people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders are usually deficient in anandamide, also known as "bliss molecule"

In addition to this, there is a growing number of products being marketed as CBD oil for sleep and despite how it might sound, not all of them contain actual Cannabidiol. 

A recent FDA report found that less than half all CBD products sold online are labeled correctly. 

Below are 7 things you should consider when purchasing CBD oil for sleep.

7 Consideration When Buying CBD For Sleep

1. Potency

Potency is the amount of CBD in each dose of the product.

The higher the CBD content, the more powerful it will be. If you want to use CBD oil to treat your sleeping disorder, you need a potent product. 

For most people, anything between 300 mg and 1000 mg of CBD content is enough to help. You can also buy products with higher doses if they are not potent enough for you.

A low-potency tincture may be right for you if you’re starting. You can always increase your dosage if needed. 

Low-potency tinctures are also good for people who want to take smaller doses throughout the day to keep their CBD levels consistent.

High-potency tinctures are better for people who want maximum relief from their symptoms at once. 

They’re also better for experienced CBD users who want to get a higher daily dose without buying multiple bottles.

2. Type of Extract

CBD oil products are available in different forms, including full-spectrum oils, broad-spectrum oils, and isolates. 

Full-spectrum oils are known to be more effective because they contain all the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.

According to research, these compounds have therapeutic effects that include calming the mind and pain relief. 

Broad-spectrum oils contain most of these compounds while isolates only have pure CBD extract.

3. Organic Ingredients

When buying any food or supplement, it’s best to look for organic ingredients. 

The USDA’s National Organic Program is the gold standard for certifying products as organic. 

If something bears the USDA “USDA Organic” seal, then you know that it was made with 95 percent or more organic ingredients.

Many ingredients are used in making CBD oils and other products apart from hemp extract.

Some of these ingredients can interfere with medication you might be taking for your sleep disorder or any other condition. 

This is especially true if one is suffering from a medical condition like epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease.

4. How The CBD Oil Is Made

CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from a cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil or coconut MCT oil. 

The best CBD oils often list hemp seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil or MCT oil as one of their main ingredients.

The good news is that many brands have gone an extra mile to make sure their products are safe and do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

They also provide information about all the ingredients used on the label and their websites so that consumers can be aware of what they’re buying.

5. Extraction Method

The extraction method is one of the most essential factors in determining the quality and purity of any CBD oil. 

To avoid ingesting contaminants like pesticides and other chemicals, check the extraction method on a product’s label—the more advanced the extraction method, the cleaner the result.

CBD can be extracted using different methods. 

It’s essential to prefer products that are extracted using superficial CO2 extraction because this is the safest method that doesn’t involve any dangerous chemicals such as butane or propane. 

These chemicals can leave traces in the final product, which isn’t safe to use.

6. Lab Tested Products

CBD is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

This can make it difficult to know whether a product contains a safe or adequate level of CBD or whether the product has the properties and contents stated on its label. 

The FDA has approved one prescription cannabidiol drug — Epidiolex — to treat certain types of epilepsy. 

However, more research is needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of these products for other medical conditions such as sleep disorders.

Reputable CBD brands always have lab reports of their products available on their website so customers can see if they’re free from contaminants or any other harmful substances.

7. High CBD - Low THC product

Look for CBD oil made from hemp for those who want to buy CBD oil with no THC. 

Hemp is a cannabis plant grown for industrial use, such as making paper and clothing. 

Unlike other cannabis plants, hemp has not been specially bred to produce high levels of THC.

Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3% THC) are legal at the federal level but are still illegal under some state laws. 

The FDA has approved one prescription cannabidiol drug — Epidiolex — to treat certain types of epilepsy. 

Marijuana-derived CBD products are prohibited on the federal level, but are permitted under some state laws. 

Check your state’s laws and those of anywhere you travel. Keep in mind that non-prescription CBD products are not FDA-approved, and may be inaccurately labeled.

The 15 Best CBD Products For Sleep

Below, we have lined up 15 of the most sought-after CBD Oils for sleep.

We have tried, tested, and reviewed each product here in-depth, to provide you with the ultimate guide and enable you to choose the CBD oil for sleep that will suit your needs as closely as possible.

1. Royal CBD

Royal CBD is one of the fastest-growing CBD brands and has made a name with a simple lineup of products, including; 

  • Full-spectrum oils
  • Softgel capsules
  • Gummies

Jointly established by a group of Colorado natives with backgrounds in the pharmaceuticals and wellness industry, this brand is dedicated to providing premium-quality CBD oils tested for purity and potency.

Royal CBD is potentially the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.

This product has been proven to treat anxiety, stress and other chronic conditions that prevent you from getting a restful sleep

Royal CBD oil is made with natural ingredients, so you can sleep peacefully knowing that you’re not putting any harmful products in your body. 

Its high potency also means it’s ideal for treating insomnia and other health issues like pain management or depression. 

With up to 500 mg of CBD per 16.6 ml bottle, this oil packs enough punch to help fight off your sleepless nights!

2. Gold Bee

Gold Bee offers high-quality CBD products at an affordable price point. 

Gold Bee CBD oil works quickly as it’s absorbed sublingually in terms of effectiveness. 

This means it’s absorbed through the tissue under your tongue, allowing it to enter your bloodstream.

What’s great about this product is that you can get it in a range of strengths, from 300 mg to 1200 mg. And, even better, there are four different flavors to choose from;

  • Natural honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Mint
  • Ginger

Gold Bee is our favorite CBD brand to help you sleep better. 

It has full-spectrum CBD oil with naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBN, which is known to enhance better sleep

It’s also third-party tested for purity and potency.

Plus, Gold Bee offers CBD capsules for those who don’t like the taste of its flavored oils. 

The company also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the products.

3. Lord Jones Royal Oil

Lord Jones Royal Oil is a broad-spectrum CBD oil made from sustainably sourced hemp. 

It’s designed to give you the full benefits of CBD, with none of the THC that gets you high. 

Royal Oil is Lord Jones’s most potent CBD oil for sleep products.

It offers 1,000 mg CBD per bottle, more than enough to last users several weeks.

Additionally, Royal Oil is flavorless and odorless, meaning that it can be blended into food and beverages or taken alone. 

It comes in a small dropper bottle that’s easy to take when traveling or out of the house. 

Lord Jones has been making luxury CBD oil products since 2016, and this product is one of their best sellers. 

It can be used as an edible or as a topical — add it to your favorite lotion or face cream to make your custom CBD concoction.

4. cbdMD Full-spectrum CBD

This full-spectrum CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the hemp plant, then infusing it into an MCT oil derived from coconuts. 

This mix of CBD and simple MCT oil boosts the effects of both, providing what’s known as the “entourage effect.”

In addition to supporting deep sleep, this product can also help improve your mood throughout the day due to its high levels of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids

These two properties are linked to better mental health and brain function.

All cbdMD’s oils are third-party tested for potency and safety, with test results available online for every batch. 

They offer a variety of flavors and different strengths to find one that works well for you.

5. Kat's Naturals Heal CBD

The Heal CBD oil tincture from Kat’s Naturals is available in three different potencies so that you can choose the level that’s right for your personal needs. 

If you’re a beginner, start with 250mg. If you’re struggling to get quality sleep despite using other products for insomnia, consider 750mg, and if you want the most potent dose available without a prescription, opt for 1,500mg of CBD per bottle.

The formula is formulated to be effective against chronic pain and insomnia without causing grogginess or other side effects the following day.

Kat’s Naturals sources its hemp from farms in Tennessee and uses organic methods to grow its plants and produce its products—the company even has a seal from Quality Assurance International (QAI) certifying it as organic.

Kat’s Naturals Heal CBD oil is an excellent option for high potency CBD oil. It features full-spectrum hemp seed oil

The product is made using CO2 extraction to ensure purity and quality.

As with all Kat’s Naturals products (which include creams, capsules, soaps, and more), the company offers a 30-day return policy on unopened products.

6. Green Roads CBD

Green Roads offers a wide range of products, from oils and edibles to pet care products and even CBD for your furry friends

However, if you’re looking for a great CBD oil for sleep specifically, look no further.

This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to combine the latest cannabinoid technology with a great user experience.

This full-spectrum product contains only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), so you don’t need to worry about any psychoactive effects you might get from other full-spectrum products out there. 

As mentioned above, Green Roads uses the unique CO2 extraction process when creating their top-of-the-line CBD oils, which keeps all its natural compounds intact, including terpenes and other cannabinoids.

7. Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals is a highly reputable company with a solid selection of CBD products. 

They grow their hemp in Europe, and all of their products to ensure they don’t contain any pesticides or heavy metals

Cheef Botanicals‘ full spectrum line comes in three flavors: natural, berry and vanilla.

The product we tried was the un-flavored version, called Natural Relief. 

We found it to be light on flavor but very effective at reducing anxiety and helping us fall asleep faster. 

Although this product doesn’t have as many milligrams per dose as other top picks on this list, it is still a great affordable option for people wanting to try CBD for sleep without breaking the bank.

8. The CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD

CBDistillery is a Colorado-based company that started in 2016. 

They’ve become one of the most popular CBD brands due to their commitment to quality, transparency and affordability. 

This full spectrum CBD oil from CBDistillery is simply outstanding. It comes in various potencies: 

  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 2500mg

These are all pretty strong doses, so even the lowest potency (250mg) will be enough to help with a wide range of sleep issues.

The formula contains terpenes and cannabinoids that can help with anxiety and pain relief

There are also versions with CBN. CBN is a cannabinoid that can bind to receptors in the body and brain, which can help to promote deeper sleep and reduced insomnia. 

CBDistillery offers an excellent product at an affordable price, but they also have an exceptional customer service team willing to help.

9. Charlotte's Web Hemp Extracts

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extracts Original Formula is a hemp extract oil that forms part of the company’s line of CBD products designed to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Charlotte’s Web offers a full spectrum hemp extract containing 17 mg of hemp extract per serving. It features coconut oil and mint chocolate flavor, both natural ingredients. 

The full spectrum hemp extract promotes natural relief from; 

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

It also claims to help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

You can take this product sublingually by placing it under your tongue or mixing it with food or drinks, such as smoothies or coffee, for an easy way to incorporate it into your daily routine. 

Each 1 oz (30 ml) bottle contains 100 mg of CBD plus other beneficial cannabinoids like CBN and CBC.

The Charlotte’s Web line of hemp extracts includes topicals, tinctures, night capsules and oils. 

Each product is made from organic hemp grown on family farms in Colorado using sustainable farming practices. 

The plants are grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And the whole plant extraction process preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids so you get a full spectrum extract with all the synergistic benefits intact.

10. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD

NuLeaf Naturals is a Colorado-based CBD company known for producing high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. 

NuLeaf’s products are extracted using the CO2 method, resulting in a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that you can verify yourself on their site.

The ideal CBD product should provide its users with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.

As such, it’s not surprising to find that NuLeaf Naturals has an extensive range of products for overall wellness. 

The company also provides discounts for veterans, low-income households, and people with disabilities.

If you prefer something other than tinctures, then NuLeaf Naturals sells capsules and pet hemp oils.

Their oils are more expensive, but they offer discounts if you purchase bulk items from them.

11. PureKana Vanilla Hemp Oil

The Pure Kana Vanilla Hemp Oil is a pretty standard 300mg in total milligrams per bottle. 

However, it’s one of the most popular products on our list, and for good reason: it has no preservatives or additives like some of its competitors. 

It also features a kosher-grade vegetable glycerin base for enhanced flavor and bioavailability (and thus, maximum absorption).

This product does contain natural flavors and vanilla extract used to create its signature taste.

These elements are sourced from hempseed oil and food-grade flavoring extracts. 

While many CBD oils include MCT coconut oil as a carrier oil, PureKana uses organic mint instead. 

This adds a level of relaxation with each dose—a potential plus if you’re struggling with sleep issues that keep you up at night due to stress or anxiety rather than pure insomnia.

12. Fab CBD Oil

Fab CBD is a relatively new company that has put a lot of emphasis on brand appeal, and as such has garnered pretty rave reviews from current customers.

Offering organic and high-quality CBD products, Fab CBD is quickly becoming well-known within the CBD world.

Fab CBD sells full-spectrum CBD oil in 3 different flavors;

  1. Citrus
  2. Mint
  3. Natural

Their natural flavor is smooth and subtle, while their citrus and mint flavors are bright and fresh.

All of their products undergo third-party testing by independent labs to ensure the highest quality standards. 

Third-party lab test results are available on their website. Testing results show that Fab CBD oil is free from unwanted chemicals such as heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful bacteria. 

These oils come in 30 ml bottles with either 300 mg, 600 mg,1200 mg, and 2400mg of CBD per bottle.

13. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs has a reputation for selling the highest-quality CBD products. 

Their product line includes; 

  • CBD oils
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Vape e-liquids

The company is known for its wide selection of flavors and potencies, so you are sure to find a product that suits your specific needs.

Hemp Bombs’ high-quality CBD oils are available in different flavors and potencies (300 mg – 4000 mg).

We always recommend customers start with the lowest potency oil and work their way up until they get the desired effects. 

They have great pricing, excellent customer service, and a wide selection of products, including CBD oil for sleep.

The company uses CO2 extraction, which is considered the best method in the industry because it yields the purest product. 

Plus, since no harmful chemicals are used during the extraction process, you don’t have to worry about toxic residues ending up in your CBD oils.

14. Hollyweed CBD

Hollyweed is a small, local company based in California. 

They have a team of experts who hand-select their products for the best quality and taste. Their CBD oil is THC-free, so it will not make you fail a drug test, but it will help with stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

Their CBD tinctures come in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. 

The smaller bottle contains 8.33 mg of CBD per serving and the larger bottle contains 16.66 mg per serving. They also have a 30 ml bottle which contains 33.3 mg per serving.

Hollyweed’s CBD oil is made from organic hemp grown in Oregon. It’s extracted using CO2 and third-party tested by ProVerde Labs to ensure purity and potency. 

They are one of the few CBD companies that offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on their products, making them a good choice if you’re new to CBD or want to try out different dosages before committing to one particular product.

Hollyweed has been featured by: Leafly, Forbes Magazine, High Times Magazine and The Daily Beast.

15. Exhale Wellness Nano - CBD Sleep Gummies

These gummy bears promise to soothe you into a deep slumber and help you stay there. 

Made with a powerful combination of hemp extract oil, melatonin, L-Tryptophan, and valerian root, these CBD sleep gummies allow you to get proper sleep at the end of the day

They’re also vegan instead of being packed with gelatin, and they’re free of THC. These are 100% legal CBD edibles with no high.

Each bottle contains 30 gummy bears. The recommended dosage is one gummy bear 1-2 hours before bedtime with water.

Each gummy bear has 25mg of Nano-emulsified CBD and 750mg. It is widely claimed that Nano-emulsified hemp extracts can have much faster impacts on the body than regular hemp extracts because the particles are smaller and more bioavailable due to the higher surface area for absorption.

All Exhale Wellness products come with a money-back guarantee, which is always important when choosing a new supplement or medicine.

CBD Oil For Sleep - The Bottom Line

CBD oil is the hottest trend in natural health and wellness. 

One of the main reasons for this is that it works wonders for people who have sleep problems.CBD oil for sleep can help you sleep better, longer, and with more beneficial results than other remedies.

CBD comes from the hemp plant, containing more than 100 unique chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate pain response, mood and memory.

The best CBD products are derived from organic hemp plants without chemicals or additives. 

Hemp plants absorb whatever they grow in, so poor-quality soil will result in poor-quality products. It’s always better to choose organic ingredients because they don’t contain contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals.

The best CBD oils on the market are made from hemp organically grown in the United States or Europe. That’s because the government regulates the legal limit of THC (the chemical responsible for making you high) that hemp is allowed to have.

Hemp can legally contain up to 0.3% THC, which means that a good quality product will have barely any trace of THC — you won’t get high when using it.

Different products are better suited for different situations, so knowing what you need is as important as knowing how much to take.

Most CBD oil products for sleep include a dropper to measure amounts and place drops under your tongue easily. Some brands offer flavored versions to make CBD more palatable. 

This can be particularly helpful for people who are new to CBD and who may not like its natural taste.

CBD oil comes in different strengths and flavors, and choosing between products can feel overwhelming at first. 

Most companies suggest starting with a small dose (around 15 mg) and gradually increasing amounts until you find what works for you.