The 7 Best Marijuana Strains for Back Pain (2022)

Strains for Back Pain

Can Marijuana Relieve Back Pain? Let's Find Out

As stated by Mayo Clinic, 80% of US citizens have reported suffering from back pain at some point in their lives. 

I myself suffer from chronic back pain and have been down many routes to treat it.

Physiotherapy, chiropractitioners, massage, steroid injections, stretching regimes and of course, pain killers.

All of these approaches have helped to different degrees and for different lengths of time, but one thing I can tell you, is that marijuana provides an affordable, genuine relief from what is otherwise a life restricting injury.

Advances in research have also proven that marijuana does help in treating chronic pain all over the body.

My chronic back pain has taken me on a journey of searching for the best marijuana strains to ease the pain and I am sharing them all with you today.

Causes of Back Pain

The cause of back pain will differ depending on a person’s medical history and lifestyle.

Causes of back pain can also be different in males and females. 

Sometimes medical conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis cause back injuries. Similarly, continuous heavy lifting can become the cause of muscle strain

Constant sitting and standing in irregular posture results in severe back pain, not to mention accidents such as bike/car crashes or falls.

The pain levels are different in every person depending on the cause and where the pain is located in the back. 

Symptoms of back pain

These may include high fever, weight loss, stomach pain, and numbness.

If you see any of these symptoms in yourself, speak to a medical specialist right away. 

Back pain can be treated with physical therapy really well. Doctors even give prescription painkillers to treat it. 

But if you want to try an alternative treatment, medical cannabis is definitely one way to go.

Medical Marijuana and Back Pain

The use of marijuana is not limited to recreational purposes as many people think.

Using it for treating medical conditions is also very common. 

Many medical marijuana patients are legally using it with a doctor’s prescription to treat a number of ailments and different types of pain

However, a medical marijuana card is necessary before a doctor can prescribe marijuana to a patient.

CBD stimulates the production of natural cannabinoids that are present in our bodies, so high CBD levels are beneficial for pain relief. 

There are so many marijuana strains for back pain that definitely do wonders.

CBD oil obtained from such strains does give you back pain relief. 

The Cannabinoid receptors in the nerve system of our body stimulate them once a cannabinoid like THC binds with it. 

How THC Content Treats Pain

A marijuana strain may have high or Low THC content. 

Generally speaking, more THC content will make a marijuana strain better for back pain. THC is directly involved in activating several receptors.

At the same time, CBD stimulates the production of natural cannabinoids that are present in our bodies. 

Therefore, high CBD levels are also advantageous to us for quick relief. 

Ultimately, it gives you relief from chronic pain and keeps you relaxed.

7 Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the best known strains of marijuana

This is a hybrid strain that is obtained by crossing Thai and Afghani Indicas.

It is a pure Indica strain with 95% Indica and 5% Sativa. 

It has a sweet and spicy earthy flavor and gives off a wood-like smell. 

If you are sick of chronic pain that doesn’t let you sleep peacefully, Northern lights is the right strain for you and a great place to start.

The psychoactive effects of marijuana help with sleep problems by inducing physical and mental relaxation. 

Since it helps with sleeping issues and chronic back pain, northern lights should be used at night time.

Using it will definitely help you manage anxiety and stress.

2. White Widow

White widow is another hybrid strain that helps with intense pain

You can consume it to treat Lower back pain and sleeping disorders. The distinct flavor and smell have made it a very popular strain.

The psychoactive effects of this strain are helpful against severe pain. Due to the intense euphoria it produces, it is a popular choice for providing relaxation. 

White widow has an interesting medical-related history, it has been used to treat a number of health problems in different ways over the years, from anxiety and depression to numbness and injury.

Apart from giving high levels of relaxation, you can expect White Widow to help you in pain management as it gets to the root of chronic pain, offering high levels of relief.

3. Bubba Kush

It is a hybrid Indica dominant strain, which is one of the Best strains for severe back pain. 

The high level of THC in Bubba Kush offers an overwhelming calmness to the user.

It smells somewhat like cocoa and coffee with a slightly fruity smell. However, when burning, it gives a spicy aroma.

Widely considered the best marijuana strain for back pain, it’s no wonder this is used to treat all sorts of chronic pains. 

Bubba Kush is best for low back pain due to its intensity and insomnia. Thus, taking it at night time will be most beneficial. 

Since it is the purest Indica strain, it can be grown indoors quite easily.

Beginners can easily grow this strain as it is naturally resistant to all kinds of pests and molds. 

4. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is predominantly a Sativa strain s. 

It can be obtained by crossing Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. Due to its Chocolate Diesel background, it tastes much like Cocoa, coffee, and chocolate diesel. 

Using Gorilla Glue is the best way to treat conditions like muscle spasms, joint pain, and severe back pain. 

If you suffer from back pain, you will know it can be really difficult to treat. 

We can get effective treatment for pain with higher THC content, so it is possible to treat chronic conditions like these with Gorilla Glue as it is rich in THC. 

It creates an intense euphoric high that helps overcome all types of pain.

5. Master Kush

Also known for its name “High Rise,” Master Kush earns its place on our list as the best marijuana strain for managing chronic pain. 

Its numbing ability is what brings positive results when used for treating back pain.

It has an earthy citrusy aroma and tastes much like hash. 

Master Kush is a high THC strain that produces strong euphoria, relieving anxiety and stress. It also promotes creativity. 

Additionally it can help with Insomnia symptoms.

6. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is a 100% Indica strain that has potent physical effects. 

It is regarded as one of the best cannabis strains for chronic pain and is well known among the marijuana community. 

Unlike other strains, it has comparatively higher CBD content. 

Afghan Kush has mango and an orange-like aroma that spreads all around wherever it is placed. 

Severe pain can be treated very easily with it. Apart from that, Afghan Kush is great at reducing stress and anxiety.

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another popular strain obtained by crossing Blueberry and Haze. 

It is a slightly Sativa-dominant strain that has very high THC content. Blue Dream helps with different health conditions and has the best taste.

The euphoria it creates is just perfect for producing a relaxing effect and treating any type of chronic pain. 

This strain is also recommended to patients with joint pain and muscle spasms for its ability to unlock the tightness experienced with a muscle that goes into spasm.

Possible Side Effects Of Marijuana For Back Pain

Marijuana is not without risk so you should always make yourself aware of the significant side effects that can be linked.

Some of these are;

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Increased Appetite
  • Impaired Judgment

Always consult a medical professional if you would like to know more.

Additional caution should be taken if you are pregnant, have respiratory issues, or take any form of medication.

Marijuana Strains for Back Pain - The Bottom Line

Simple things like doing daily activities and bending become difficult when back pain hits, really taking a toll on your daily quality of life.

Counter pain relievers do help in this case, but they are not always the best solution.

The good news is, Marijuana definitely does help in treating so many health conditions. 

You will not be disappointed if you try any of the above strains for back pain and hopefully it will give you some essential relief from the discomfort you are experiencing.