Best Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test And Cleanse THC

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Methods To Cleanse Weed And Pass A Drug Test (2022)

Do you have a mandatory drug test coming up that you think you might fail?

If you are looking for the best detox drinks to pass a drug test, the chances are you either have an upcoming drug test at short notice. 

Or you’re concerned that there may be one around the corner.

And without much time having passed since you last took drugs, there is a risk you might fail.

The good news is, there are a number of detox methods available that provide an effective way of speeding up the detox process.

These methods remove nearly all traces of THC, giving you the best chance possible of achieving a positive result on the day of the drug test.

Drug testing is used by a wide range of companies for a number of reasons.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of drug tests on the market today, so you can decide on what will be the top option for you, and the best detox drinks to pass a drug test.

What Is THC ?

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical produced by the Marijuana plant. 

When marijuana is inhaled, the THC finds its way into the user’s bloodstream via their lungs, producing the ‘high’ associated with smoking Marijuana. 

It is the THC in your bloodstream or urine that will severely damage your chances of passing any upcoming drug test

5 Best Methods For Passing A Drugs Test

While it is almost impossible to 100% guarantee that detox methods will make you pass a drug test, they will certainly increase your chances, ensuring the detoxification process is sped up and increased. 

We have found the best THC detox methods available.

We will be providing you with what each detox product is aimed at achieving and how you can use them to ensure the best results.

1. The Best THC Detox Drinks

Detox drinks provide a quick, realistic and easy way to produce some of the best results available on the market for speeding up the detox process

Detox drinks work by diluting your urine, flushing the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract so that its metabolites fall below the 50ng/mL mark, giving you a negative test result. 

Commonly, the best detox drinks to pass a drug test cannot completely remove THC from your blood and urine, but instead mask it with vitamins and proteins. 

Drinking lots of water on a regular basis alongside detox drinks is a great way of supporting the natural way that your body will cleanse any toxins.

Detox drinks can be a little pricey, ($45-$55) but worth the money depending on your personal circumstance and how much help.

So what are the best detox drinks to pass a drug test?

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

The strength of this drink makes it one of the best THC detox methods available for anyone who has a lot of toxins in their body.

Available in 12 and 32 oz. bottles, the bigger serving is the best option for larger people.

People who weigh over 200lb, and are likely to need a more intense detoxification. 

Rescue Cleanse is widely recognized online as one of the best things you can buy to effectively detox THC from your body inside a limited time-frame, with plenty of user reviews supporting this.

Rescue Cleanse is one of the most well established and best detox drinks to pass a drugs test.

Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

This Mega Clean detox drink is possibly the best detox drink on the market, Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse comes as a 32 oz, tropical flavored fruit drink. 

It has received a lot of positive reviews for how effectively it cleanses unwanted toxins from the circulatory, urine and digestive system. 

It works its magic by speeding up your body’s natural cleansing process, by diluting your urine and reducing any traces of THC.

It will start reducing the levels of toxins in your body within just 1 hour.

Its effects last up to 5 hours, the best time to take this drink is 3-4 hours before any drug test.

2. Home Remedies

Spending $50 plus for an online detox drink is all well and good, but some of the best detox drinks to pass a drug test are natural remedies.

These can be made in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of  the cost.

That said, if you do not have the time or resources to make your own, we have provided you with some cheap, natural, online options alongside the home-made recipes. 

And here they are…

Apple Cider Vinegar

Full of natural ingredients, (recipe  to follow), this detox drink is a good way to reduce THC traces.

It also helps get rid of any other unwanted toxins from your body, due to the powerful detoxifying properties it contains. 

If that wasn’t enough, it is also a popular drink for weight loss.

 It increases the body’s metabolism, resulting in the reduction of fat cells

Due to its acidic properties, it is not recommended that anyone drink more than 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day, despite some detox diets stating higher doses.

Apple cider vinegar is readily available to buy online and in local stores but can be quite harsh according to each individual’s taste.

If the thought of drinking it neat is not appealing, you can make your very own version of this detox drink like so:

Step 1 –  Add 8 Ounces of distilled water to a jug

Step 2 – Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Step 3 – Sweeten to taste with honey, maple syrup or brown sugar

Alternatively, click the link below to buy Apple Cider Vinegar online today.

Be aware that this method takes slightly longer to cleanse THC from your body than other options, so allowing a few days for this cleansing method is best.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice is a fantastic alternative to expensive cleansing remedies.

Available in most stores, (and via  the link below), Cranberry Juice is affordable, and sweet tasting, offering a natural way to flush out the THC toxins in your body.

You may already be aware of how it causes regular urination, and it does this due to being a natural diuretic.

Cranberry Juice also plays its role in an overall healthy diet, with its antioxidant properties and benefits to general heart-health.

Some results can be mixed and if Cranberry Juice is forming the only part of your detox diet, then be aware that lab testing is still likely to detect traces of THC.

Adding apple cider vinegar to your Cranberry Juice is a good way to increase this home remedy’s ability to flush the toxins from your body.

You can also read about the other 25 Amazing Natural Benefits of Cranberry Juice here!

Lemon Water

Alongside Cranberry Juice, Lemon Water has to be one of the most straightforward and readily available detox methods to flush THC toxins from your body.

Packed with Vitamin A and vitamin C, this lemon water is repeatedly advised for anyone seeking the best detox drink to pass a drug test.

Along with reducing the levels of toxicity in your blood, it will have a really positive impact on your overall health, by improving your immunity and boosting your metabolism.

Just add 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice and 1 litre of still water to a water bottle then shake well. 

Alternatively, click the link below to buy lemon water.

Now you have your Lemon Water, take regular sips, (5-6x hourly), in the days leading up to your drug test.

1 litre of Lemon Water per day, for the 3-4 days leading up to your drug test will be enough to rid the negative toxins from your body.

Lemon juice is very acidic, which can result in heartburn or damaged tooth enamel if taken over long periods of time.

3. Detox Pills

These Detox pills by Toxin Rid, are a great way to ensure you pass an upcoming drug test.

They are available in programs ranging from 1 to 10 days, depending on how much time you have to flush the toxins out of your body prior to the drug test.

This course is one of the best thc detox kits available, consisting of a liquid detox, a dietary fiber and the pills themselves, ideally suited to anyone with high levels of toxins in their body.

All of the ingredients are natural, with the products made up of herbs, minerals and vitamins, working together to cleanse your blood, saliva and urine of harmful toxins.

Detox Pills will begin to work around an hour after you get started.

While they might not be the cheapest option available ($55 – $100+ depending on how long you detox for), it has received some stellar reviews, and Toxin Rid offer a money back guarantee, showing you how much faith they place on their detox pills.

4. Hair Shampoo

Drug testing carried out on hair is widely recognized as one of the hardest drug tests to pass, given how accurately a laboratory test can check toxins within hair follicles. 

A hair drug test is usually carried out on a hair sample, but sometimes even a single hair, with lab results being available roughly 24-48 hours after the test has been completed.  

This might sound worrying, but you may feel a bit better after you’ve read a little more about Toxin Rid Shampoo.

Toxin Rid shampoo is the market leader in helping individuals to pass their hair drug test, by removing all chemical impurities from your scalp and hair roots.

As you might imagine, there are a number of ingredients in this wonder-shampoo, including aloe vera, along with a number of other sodium’s and sulphates. 

Ideally you would start to use this detox shampoo 3-10 days before your drug test, washing twice a day to achieve 15 washes before your test, but results are possible the day before if you do not have the luxury of time.

Focusing on your scalp, simply lather the Toxin Rid Shampoo into your scalp and leave it there for 10-15 minutes before rinsing away with warm water.

5. Mouthwash

Saliva tests are commonly used instead of blood or urine, purely for how much cheaper and easier they are for companies to administrate.

And the good news is, they are the easiest drug test to pass!

There is only a brief amount of time for anyone testing to identify the use of Cannabis through saliva testing.

Products available online such as Testclear’s Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash contain a formula that removes any traces of THC from inside your mouth, to help you pass the drug test up to 30 minutes after it has been used.

As with any mouthwash, simply swill and gargle the fluid around your mouth and upper-throat for 30 seconds, before spitting the mouthwash out. There is no need to swallow any!

Repeat this process until the mouthwash is all gone. 

Do not smoke, drink or eat anything between using the mouthwash and taking your drug test. 

What are the different Types Of Drug Test ?

Here is a list of the most commonly used types of drug tests and how they can detect THC levels

By understanding a bit more about each test, you can decide on the best option for you to pass the drugs test. 

It may be worth bearing in mind that incorrect opening, low-quality testing kits, poor storage and tampering by the user, can all impact the validity of the drug testing equipment.

When it comes to testing – nothing is 100% accurate. Overall drug testing accuracy tends to range between 95% and 99%.

 Keeping this in the back of your mind, should the worst case scenario happen, could be useful. 

Urine Drug Test

urine test is non-invasive and one of the most commonly used drug tests on the market. In recent years, a urine test will form a part of how companies screen potential employees, ahead of offering them work.

Used for both drink and drugs testing, the test carried out on the urine will detect whether or not there are any drug metabolites within the urine sample. 

Drug metabolites are the chemical alteration of a drug by the body.

Used for determining levels of opiates such as heroincocaine, marijuanaalcohol and even nicotine, a urine test will produce a result of ng/mL.

A result of 50ng/mL or greater, will produce a ’positive’ test result, meaning you would have failed the drug test. 

Certain medications can cause false positives, false negatives, or even inconclusive results that may require the test to be retaken. 

Flushing your system with a detox drink or detox kit is the best way to pass a urine drug test.

Blood Drug Test

Blood tests are more invasive by nature, and also a far more accurate form of drug testing.

The more often someone smokes marijuana, will mean that the traces of THC will remain in their blood for a long time afterwards. 

For a casual Cannabis smoker, who has had a small amount, thc can be immediately traced via a blood sample, and will remain detectable for anything up to around 5 days. 

For more regular, heavy weed smokers, the ability to detect THC increases alongside the frequency of use.

THC can be found in a blood sample for up to 2 weeks, and in some rare cases, has been detected in Marijuana users up to 25 days after they have stopped smoking.

Saliva Drug Test

Saliva testing is a widely used form of drug testing, mainly due to it being simple to carry out, in-expensive and straightforward.  

A saliva sample is taken either by using a mouth swab, or by collecting some of the person’s spit in a cup, with a result being determined from the sample within minutes.

The saliva sample can reveal any use of cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol that has taken place in recent days (2-3), but marijuana can only be detected for approximately 8-12 hours after it has been used.

There are some varying studies on exactly how long marijuana can be detected for through saliva, so it’s a good idea to allow 24 hours wherever possible.

Due to the narrow time frames that drink and drugs are detectable, saliva drug tests are often used when there is reasonable suspicion of drug use present.

Hair Drug Test

According to

“In contrast to urine, THC is present in much higher concentrations in hair”

1 to 1.5 inches of the person’s hair follicles are taken from the scalp and two tests are carried out on the sample to form a positive or negative test result. 

The tests can detect the type of drug used, the length of use and when that use stopped. 

Marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, PCP and methamphetamine can all be detected through hair drug testing.

Hair tests are not as instant as other forms of testing, taking 1-2 days, (or longer depending on company processes) to retrieve the results. 

Drugs can be detected up to 90 days after use, but recent use of Marijuana will not be present in your hair until roughly a week after it has been consumed.

4 Drug testing tips

Drug detox methods are a great way of passing a drug test, but there are a number of other things you could be doing to increase your chances of getting that negative result.

Here are Bud Behaviors 4 Top Tips to tip the odds in your favor: 

1. Before your drug test, have light meals that are not rich in fats or oil 

2. Alcohol, smoking, and unnecessary medication should all be avoided

3. Some prescribed and over-the-counter drugs should only be taken if necessary, as these could affect the detox process and your result. 

4. Continue to drink plenty of water to flush out your system

Drug Testing At Home

home drug test kit is a great way to give you some advanced warning of any toxins that may be in your body.

Removing the pressure of testing for a new or existing job when you fear you might pass is always a good idea.

This will give you the opportunity to decide whether or not you can risk taking the required test.

Also popular among suspicious parents, Testclears Marijuana Home Drug Testing kit, establishes traces of THC or Cannabis in an individual’s urine.

An instant result within minutes, a 50 ng/mL or greater will result in a positive reading that is 99% accurate.

Best Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test - The Bottom Line

Despite Marijuana being legal in 37 states across the United States, federal law still considers its use as illegitimate.

According to the U.S National Center for Biotechnology Information :

“Because marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, federally regulated testing does not consider any marijuana use to be legitimate, with the exception of prescription cannabinoids…. Private employers not subject to federal regulations can make other policies at their discretion.”

And if you are taking a drugs test for employment purposes, their company policy will set out specific boundaries around what is acceptable. 

This might not be what you want to read, but no detox is guaranteed as 100% effective in getting you through a drug test, mainly because of all of the different factors at play. 

The best thing to do is stop using Marijuana for as long as possible prior to your drug test or quitting altogether. 

If none of the above are an option and you attempt cheating your drug test, just be aware that this comes with a large amount of risk, and in some cases is even illegal. 

So there you have it – a round up of the best detox drinks to pass a drug test. Always remember to consult a doctor and read the labels of anything you are considering taking. Existing medications should also be taken into account.

Good luck!