The Perfect Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe

marijuana drink recipe

The Ultimate Marijuana Cocktail and Shot Guide

The liquid marijuana drink is a delectable fruity cocktail; it’s gorgeous green color is sure to brighten up any party! It is about as delicious as you can get!

Before you get too excited about the name, this liquid marijuana drink cocktail recipe does not include any real marijuana or actual trace of cannabis.

But, it is still an incredible drink that would go extremely well with any get together or party.

You could even increase the batch size for a party by increasing the ingredients in equal parts!

It would be magical with some limes and sliced apples floating in a large party punch bowl.

Even while blazed, the liquid marijuana drink shot recipe is simple to follow. 

With this ultimate guide, you will know what this Liquid marijuana drink is all about, the required ingredients and how to make one.

What Does A Liquid Marijuana Drink Taste Like?

This green monster can be made in less than two minutes, so you don’t have to wait until 420 to enjoy the liquid marijuana drink!

This cocktail, in my opinion, has a wide range of appeal. The flavor of the shot is something melony and a little citrusy, or a little spicy, with an outstanding taste. 

You will get a tropical touch through this recipe. The dark rum makes this drink effective as an intoxicant. 

Lastly, the liquid marijuana drink is a really green drink, adding to its aura of mystery.

7 Ingredients for Liquid marijuana drink cocktail

A liquid marijuana drink shot is a flavorful party drink made with a combination of the following ingredients:

1. Blue Curacao

This is a blue-colored liqueur that is used in a variety of drinks, including liquid marijuana shots, blue lagoon, and others.

Blue Curacao is sweet, and the flavor is out of this world.

2. Oz Malibu Coconut Rum

As the name suggests, this is a coconut liqueur with a tropical flavor that was made in the Caribbean.

This rum is beneficial to one’s heart health and can assist to lower cholesterol levels.

3. Midori Melon Liqueur

This liqueur is a well-known liqueur brand in Japan.

Midori melon liqueur is a melon-flavored liqueur with a green tint and a melon flavor.

Made with fresh melons, it is delicious and refreshing.

4. Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum is a spicy flavored liqueur made with instilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice.

This is spicy used in different drinks such as big pine puss, long island spice tea, etc.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a juice made with lemon fruit. This juice is widely used in some famous drinks like lemonade.

It is a good source of vitamin C. 

The liquid marijuana drink is a delectable fruity cocktail; it's gorgeous green color is sure to brighten up any party!

6. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a juice made by pressing the pulp of pineapples.

This juice has amazing health benefits.

It helps to detoxify the mind and body, regulate blood pressure, and boost the immune system.

7. Simple Syrup

In Nemours recipes such as lemonade, sweetened cocktails, ice coffee, ice tea, and other cold beverages with a citrus flavor, this is a commonly used liquid ingredient.

Tools needed to make your marijuana Drinks

A cocktail shaker

This is a solid countertop shaker that is mostly used for shaking and mixing beverages at home.

It’s frequently packaged with a jigger and a bar spoon, which means you’ll have everything you need to mix your marijuana cocktail right at your fingertips.

Chilled Hurricane glass

The sparkling cocktail green color of your marijuana drink is heightened with the use of these glasses.

Recipe for Making Liquid marijuana drink recipe

We’re now going to show you how to prepare a marijuana shot using liquid marijuana drink.

This is a flavorful and sweet drink for a party.

Everyone who enjoys a good cocktail should start with this one, in no time Liquid Marijuana will be your favorite Cocktail.

For every 250ml of fluid, add 25ml of alcohol.

Add the spiced rum, coconut rum, ice cubes, lemon juice, Midori Melon Liqueur, ounce of blue curaco, syrup, and an ounce of splash pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker.

Next Shake vigorously for no more than 1 minute.

Finally, serve the cocktail in a glass and continue to enjoy the celebration.

Variations of The Marijuana Drink Recipe

Other alternatives include substituting vodka for rum and orange juice for pineapple.

There’s nothing stopping you from making your own masterpiece if you have a creative imagination and a choice of liqueurs.

But if you want it to be some derivative of the Liquid Marijuana shot recipe, you might want to keep it at least green in color!

FAQ’s for your Marijuana drink

Can You Turn It Into a Shot?

You can absolutely turn this drink into a shot.

To make this a shot rather than a mixed drink, combine the first 4 ingredients in a large/tall shot glass. Bottoms up!

Is There Marijuana in This Drink?

There is no need to be concerned. The beverage does not contain any actual cannabis.

So you can enjoy this marijuana drink shot recipe without fear of getting high.

The cocktail shot name comes from the green tint and the beachy vibe it gives off.

Lastly, a word of caution

If you’re away from home or if you don’t have somebody to take you back home, you may want to err on the side of caution, depending on body immune system, body tolerance to alcohol varies.

When consumed by persons who are more sensitive to alcohol, this beverage can elicit a different reaction.