How Do You Grow Cannabis Indica? All Your Questions Answered

grow cannabis indica

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Cannabis Indica

Maybe you know how to grow cannabis, but can you grow cannabis Indica in particular? 

Sativa and Indica plants grow differently; this is logical since they evolved in significantly different climates. 

Pure Sativa strains come from hot tropical regions, while Indica strains come from Southeast Asia, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

As a result, the two species have their different strains growing patterns.   

Cannabis ruderalis is the informal name for the plants (Cannabis Indica strains) that grow wild in popular Central Asia also.

Cannabis Indica Is A Thick-Stemmed Bush

The typical example strain of cannabis Indica is a more compact and thick-stemmed bush than its cousins, often reaching less than two meters in height, these leaves consist of short stature and wide blades. 

Indica strains produce more side branches and denser overall new growth than Sativa cannabis, resulting in wider, bushier marijuana plants

Indica buds form in thick clusters around the nodes of the female plants (the points where the stem and branch leaf pairs grow)!

They tend to weigh more than a similar blend of Sativa sized buds as they are denser, resulting in bushier plants. 

When you grow cannabis Indica, you will see it tends to be dark in color, and matures much faster in dark periods than Sativas, since they come from areas with a short growing season. 

If you’re a first time grower with a little planning, the best thing would be to use these variations to your advantage. 

We will show you the simple steps to grow cannabis Indica.

Growing Cannabis? Start With The Right Strain

There are so many cannabis seeds on the market; it can be difficult to choose the best. 

Here’s the secret to growing Indica buds: choose hybrid cannabis strains with a strong Indica dominance.

Strong hybrid strains will give you better results than a pure Indica strain.

Here are 4 Indica-dominant strains we recommend to get you started:

1. White Rhino

Powerful Indica buds. It flowers in just 8 weeks, and the smoke will keep you on the couch for hours.

2. Blueberry

Short, strong, and spicy. The body stone is combined with an energetic cerebral high.

3. Sensi Star

An award-winning perfect strain! Short and bushy plants classic Indica growth and an amazing high!

4. Northern Lights 

Northern Lights is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Thai. 

Its Autoflower strains produce euphoric effects that settle in firmly throughout the body and also mature quickly.

The Trick To Growing Good Marijuana

You can control the size of your plants by varying the length of time you give them to remain in vegetative growth

Flowering time is stimulated as soon as you change the lighting to a 12/12 hours of light schedule.

Plants may stretch during the flower cycle, but their maximum potential height is already established. 

A common guideline for growing cannabis Indica, is to place 6 large main branches per square foot under lights.

You can control the size of your plants by varying the length of time you give them to remain in vegetative growth

Flowering time is stimulated as soon as you change the lighting to a 12/12 hours of light schedule.

Plants may stretch during the flower cycle, but their maximum potential height is already established. 

To grow cannabis Indica, place 6 large main branches per square foot under lights.

Indicas tend to be dark in color, and mature much faster in dark periods than Sativas, since they come from areas with a short growing season

An average of 1000 watts will provide strong light exposure in a 16 square foot area with good reflectors.

A good 500 watt full spectrum LED will cover the same grow space

The same 500-watt full spectrum LED covers 16 square feet of flowering cannabis and can cover 25 square feet of growing plants. 

For Indica-dominant strains, indoor growing under a light cycle that covers 16 square feet!

Grow Small, Fast And Full

You want to grow fast and small for a high yield of quality Indica bud. 

That means packing as many plants as possible into your small space and limiting the time they spend vegging.

There are easy ways to achieve this:

Sea of Green

This Dutch Sea of ​​Green color technique is very easy. 

You just let your plants grow for two weeks, then turn off the grow light and start blooming. 

The plants stay small so that you can grow a lot of them. 

They do not require training or pruning.

Best of all, it leads to a shorter vegetative cycle of up to two months, allowing you to reap additional harvests each year.

Screen Of Green

Screen of Green (SCOG) is very similar to SOG, and is one of the most efficient growing systems out there. 

You use a screen to train your plants to grow cannabis horizontally instead of vertically. 

This creates a grow tent where all the buds are at the same height. 

It is especially well suited to bushy Indica strains that are easily encouraged to outgrow rather than mature.

Train Cannabis Indica For Higher Yields

Unlike leggy Sativa plants, Indica strains are a popular choice for many and generally don’t reach staggering heights. 

They grow short, stocky and bushy, with thick leaves. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train them. On the contrary, it is very easy to get Indica strains to do what you want them to do. 

Here are two of the best training techniques for Indica cannabis plants:

1. Low-Stress Training

Low-stress training is a soft training technique. 

It is often combined with coverage for better results. With this method, you pinch the top of the growing plant below the node

It responds by sending out two new shoots.

2. Super Cropping

In a vegetative state, this technique is, also known as high-stress training, involves injuring the plant. 

It responds by growing more vigorously to survive the perceived threat. 

Super Cropping is only effective during the vegetative stage, as the plant is dormant during the flowering phase.

Give Your Indica Strains A Cool Breeze

Think about the environment in which Indica strains evolved. 

Even in summer during higher temperatures, this drops significantly overnight in the Hindu Kush Mountains

Ensure the indoor grow room temperature drops 10-15°F each night for the best harvest, especially the flowering stage.

Also, know that Indica and Hybrid Strains of Cannabis will experience two major stages of life; vegetative and flowering. 

The later stage produces buds, while the former is the growing stage.

Protect Your Indica Plants From Mold

When you grow cannabis Indica strains, you will see why they are famous for their rock-hard, resinous buds.

This means they often lack resistance to mold and bud rot

They are from a dry and cool region in which water is scarce.

There are several steps you can take to prevent mold problems on your Indica plants.


Good airflow is key to healthy buds, as lack of ventilation is a prime source of mold.

Marijuana is ultimately a natural plant, so ventilation helps to recreate its natural surroundings.

Leaf pruning

The thick, wide leaves of an Indica is said to shade the plant and conserve water.

 You can prune and fan leaves late in bloom to increase air circulation.

Proper humidity levels

Control the humidity in the grow cannabis room. 

Do not let it exceed 50% in the flowering period and keep it below 40% in the last 2 weeks.

Proper Watering:

This is for home growers; as opposed to outdoor plants

When growing in the ground, allow the soil to dry out between waterings. 

For the indoor growers, recreating the activity of natural soil is key in this growing medium.

Remember to account for direct sunlight in your watering routines.

Proper Drying And Curing:

Your work doesn’t end after the harvest. 

The best way to get the best Indica buds, even in indoor gardens, is to cure them properly. 

Indica is easier to manage for most when growing than others. 

But that changes when you start drying. These dense buds are prone to mold and must be handled with care.

Easy Ways To Prepare Your Indica Buds

Here are 9 Top Tips to preparing your Indica Buds;

  1. Dry them in a well-ventilated place
  2. Dry them in a dark room or during the hours of darkness
  3. Do not blow air directly on the plants. This will only dry out the outside and can mold the inside of the buds
  4. Cut part of the sugar leaves early
  5. Typically, you wait to cut sugar leaves until it’s time to cure the plant
  6. However, if you have exceptionally large and dense buds, removing some sugar leaves before they dry will help prevent mold
  7. Plants are dry when large stems break rather than bend between fingers
  8. Cure in jars and watch closely
  9. Especially in the first few days, you may need to open the jars more often as moisture builds up. Open the lids for fifteen minutes at least twice a day

CBD Often Recommended

The Indicas important factor is typically associated with higher CBD for full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia.

It appears these plants have more than previously thought for medicinal use

However, research examining these effects of marijuana use is limited, thanks to psychoactive properties

According to anecdotal evidence, Indica strains are recreational cannabis and are often recommended for people looking to use the medicinal plant for chronic or acute pain

Indica plant has rich, broad usage area in medicine and has different effects with economic importance.

Growing Cannabis Indica - The Bottom Line

You have an enemy here known as white powdery mildew as a disease. Thus, prevention is key for your cannabis Indica. 

You can protect your crop with conventional fungicides and with other measures required.

Growing cannabis Indica plants should be a joy even as a cannabis consumer.

However, most new growers will tell you that it is easier to grow cannabis Sativa.

Like the Sativa-dominant strain, Indicas are also not without challenges; because of their dense buds and lack of air circulation. 

Indicas are particularly prone to mold and rot. Still, your own plants will stay healthy with a little attention and care. 

Remember, small and fast is the mantra to grow Cannabis Indica!