Strains for Anxiety – Indica vs Sativa

strains for anxiety

What are the best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety?

Symptoms of anxiety can be successfully treated with Cannabis Sativa, but not all cannabis strains will be a good option for everybody. 

High CBD content can help alleviate or minimize;

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety symptoms

THC can do the same. However, high THC content can cause marijuana users to feel paranoid and awkward in social settings.  

In addition to CBD and THC considerations, marijuana strain types also play a decisive role in how you react to them.

That is why some people will only consume pure Indica or Indica-dominant strains.

Others only want pure Sativas or Sativa-dominant strains.

So Indica vs Sativa is just as important as THC vs CBD.  

When treating anxiety with marijuana, there is much to consider about the cannabis plant.

Finding a particular strain that matches your preferences is a bit of a science and an art form.

And while there are plenty of popular strains and fancy names to choose from, you can find exceptional medicinal value in the old landrace cannabis varieties as well.

Hunting For The Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Find the right strain for yourself.  

Indica strainsSativa strains, and hybrid strains can all be used for anxiety treatment.

Still, there is a chance you will have to do some experimenting with many different strains to find a cannabis product that is perfect for you.

Here are some points to keep in mind as you shop for the best Indica or Sativa strains for anxiety.

  • High CBD strains usually contain low doses of THC, and CBD won’t make you feel paranoid no matter how much you consume. The trade-off is that these CBD strains don’t get you high.
  • High THC strains will get you high, but some of these cannabis strains will make you feel paranoid. You should consider what’s more important to you; getting high or medicating?
  • You can choose medical cannabis strains without the psychoactive cannabinoids for social settings and keep your cannabis products with high THC levels for at-home consumption only.  

There are marijuana strains that will get you high without the feelings of anxiousness, regardless of the THC vs CBD ratio.

Finding these cannabis strains can be a wild goose hunt. But once you find the right strain, you’ll be glad you did.  

The hunt is worth the patience and time you must invest.

7 Best Indica Vs Sativa Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Indica Strain


Sativa Strain



Jack attack 


Charlotte’s Web

Jack Attack packs a bit of THC into its nugs, making it an appealing strain for people wanting a medicinal Indica for anxiety relief.  


However, no other strain has been researched as much as Charlotte’s Web.  This low THC, high CBD strain has been proven beneficial for anxiety relief over and over while providing no paranoia to its users.  Charlotte’s Web is the most popular medicinal cannabis variety on earth.


Winner: Charlotte’s Web

Girl Scout Cookies 


Jack Herer

Girl Scout Cookies provides mouth-watering aromas and flavors and leaves its users in a state of full-body relaxation, blissfulness, contentment, and stress alleviation.


Jack Herer is a THC-dominant Sativa strain.  In general, Jack Herer is well-known for its euphoric highs and relaxing effects.  However, if you smoke too much, or if you smoke Jack Herer in the wrong setting, you can experience paranoia.


Winner: Girl Scout Cookies

Northern Lights 


Durban Poison

Northern Lights is an all-time favorite of many first-time cannabis growers, and it is also a popular medicinal cannabis strain that is commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.


On the other hand, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain that packs a powerful punch and electrifying highs.  While Durban Poison might be used to treat some ailments, DP is a strain to avoid if you have problems with anxiety, or you might find yourself in Paranoia City in no time!


Winner: Northern Lights

Chocolate Chunk 


Amnesia Haze

Chocolate Chunk is a pure Indica cannabis strain that is well-known for its therapeutic value.  Chocolate Chunk makes the body relax and makes you feel at ease in your surroundings.


Amnesia Haze is a phenomenal Sativa strain for daytime use.  Users experience euphoric, uplifting highs that energize and inspire.  


Winner: Amnesia Haze

Grandaddy Purple 


Sour Diesel

Granddaddy Purple is a fun Indica strain to smoke.  The effects of GP are stress/tension-relief, a blissful mindset, and overall contentment.  But if you smoke too much GP, it can go to your head, and you might find yourself slipping into paranoia after a few smokes.


Sour D provides its users with an ultra-relaxed dreamy feeling.  If you experience stress and anxiety, Sour Diesel is a fast-acting strain that provides instant and lasting stress relief.


Winner: Sour Diesel

L.A. Confidential  


AC/DC (Sativadom pheno of Catatonic)

LA Confidential is an almost-pure Indica strain with highly sedative and relaxing effects.  LA Confidential can lift your spirits, but shortly thereafter, you will probably feel sleepy.


AC/DC, a Sativa-dominant pheno of Catatonic, contains high levels of CBD and virtually no THC, which means no paranoia that often results from THC.  AC/DC provides users with relaxed, happy feelings and improves mental attitude.


Winner: LA Confidential 

OG Kush  


Blue Dream

OG Kush is not only the most influential marijuana strain in recent memory, but it also has a profound effect on stress, anxiety, and depression.  The euphoric feeling provided by OG Kush is second-to-none, and this strain can pick up anyone when they are down.


A cross between Blueberry x Haze, Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that provides balanced highs with medicinal effects, including full-body relaxation and mental stimulation to pick you up and leave all your worries behind.

amnesia haze


Winner: OG Kush

THC Vs CBD For Anxiety

Higher doses of CBD and lower doses of THC are advised for people who use cannabis exclusively for medicinal purposes

However, choosing a strain with higher CBD content doesn’t mean that the medical benefits of THC can’t also be enjoyed.

It’s important to remember that the chemical compounds and psychoactive cannabinoids of marijuana are different from strain to strain. 

That is why different strains affect you differently.

People with high anxiety levels often prefer using low doses of cannabis frequently (microdosing) rather than high-dosing, especially if the cannabis has significant levels of THC. 

Too much THC at once is more likely to initiate paranoia and anxiety symptoms than taking small doses of cannabis at regular intervals throughout the day.

Tips For Choosing CBD Vs THC Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Which category of user would you classify yourself as?

User #1: You want weed that treats your anxiety, and you want to get high:

Tip: You will have to try different cannabis strains and see how they affect you.

Essentially, you’ll be making yourself a guinea pig as you search for the right strain.

In addition to the strains above, here are some other popular THC strains that people use to alleviate anxiety:

  • BC Big Bud
  • Bubba Kush
  • White Widow
  • Lemon Haze
  • Purple Urkle

User #2: You want weed that alleviates anxiety, and you don’t want to get high:

Tip: You must find a proven CBD strain that has high CBD levels and low-to-no THC.

Here are some of the best medical marijuana strains that won’t get you high:

  • Catatonic
  • Canna-Tsu 
  • Trident

Top 7 Medical Marijuana Strains For Anxiety Of All-Time

  1. Charlotte’s Web
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Sour Diesel
  4. OG Kush
  5. LA Confidential
  6. Catatonic
  7. Girl Scout Cookies

Cannabis Sativa can treat anxiety

Just read the countless stories of people who have benefited from marijuana online! 

All those reviews can’t be made-up.  

Yes, you also can reduce or eliminate anxiety with Indica plants and Sativa plants, but you will probably have to experiment to find the right strain for you.  

Remember, the best strains for anxiety for someone else may not be the best strains for anxiety for you.