How To Make Cannabis Chocolate Bars At Home

make cannabis chocolate bars

Cannabis Chocolate Bar Recipe - The Ultimate Guide

The combination of cannabis and chocolate has been enjoyed by human beings since medieval times. But how do you make cannabis chocolate bars?

Cannabis chocolate is used not only for pleasure and to satisfy taste buds but also as a part of ceremonies in some parts of the world. 

It is also used as a medicine in some areas. Cannabis has its benefits just as various kinds of chocolate have but when these two are combined the resulting creation is a perfect union

In this article, a comprehensive guide about how cannabis chocolate bars can be made at home is discussed.

The great news is that making cannabis chocolate at home is very simple. In a few simple steps, it can be prepared at home. 

It does not require any unique machinery or tools to make cannabis chocolate at home, rather the equipment that is commonly available in a kitchen can be used to do this job.

In addition, to make cannabis chocolate no professional skills are required rather it can be done by anyone with just a few simple steps.

The following step guide of making cannabis chocolate is so easy that it can be done by beginners. 

Those who have never made cannabis chocolate can also try it for the first time, but they must keep in mind the tricks highlighted in every step so that any trouble or mishap can be avoided.

Ingredients For Cannabis Chocolate

Before going to discuss the ingredients needed for making cannabis chocolate it is important to note here that there are different ways of doing so. 

It depends on the requirements of an individual.

Some people infuse marijuana butter into hot chocolate which helps them keep themselves warm during winters. 

Others like its most classic style in the form of hash brownies.

However, in this section, the most simple and easy-to-make form of cannabis is discussed.

Following are the ingredients needed to make cannabis chocolate at home:

  1. Around 5 grams of bud must be of high quality.
  2. Parchment paper and baking sheet
  3. Around 100 grams of dark chocolate. You can also use white or milk chocolate

Similarly, the following is the set of equipment that can help an individual to make cannabis chocolate at home:

  1. A saucepan
  2. A glass bowl
  3. Ice cube tray or chocolate mold

But how to make cannabis chocolate bars? Let’s get right into it…

6 Simple Steps to make cannabis chocolate at home

As noted above, different ways exist to make cannabis chocolate at home.

But here we will share the most simple and easy cannabis chocolate recipe for you to make at home.

Step 1: Decarboxylation of Cannabis bud

The first step is to decarboxylate dry cannabis.

Before consuming cannabis bud, it is important to decarboxylate it. 

This is important for some chemical reasons. For example, cannabis has important Phytocannabinoids such as CBDA and THCA. 

When cannabis is decarboxylated, these components are converted into active molecular forms CBD and THC.

Which in turn influence the neurotransmitters found in human bodies.  

So, the first step is to heat the cannabis bud to decarboxylate it.

This step is important not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also for making the chocolate more delicious.

How to decarboxylate cannabis?

First of all, grind it to the finest form. Then put it on a baking sheet on parchment paper

Now preheat the oven at 115 degrees centigrade and put this ground cannabis in the oven. 

Bake it for 30 – 40 minutes (long enough to decarb your cannabis bud). 

It should be checked at this point – When the bud is roasted or golden brown and dried that means it is ready. However, it should not be burned

Now, when your bud  is roasted and dried, keep it out of the oven and put it aside.

Step 2: Melt the chocolate

The second step is to melt the chocolate. 

Take a saucepan and put a glass bowl on top. The bowl should fit comfortably into the saucepan, but not touch the bottom of the saucepan.

Put enough water into the saucepan so that its base is covered. 

Break down the chocolate into small pieces and put it into the bowl that is already fit into the saucepan.

Now take the saucepan and put it on a medium heat – your water should be simmering, but not to the point of boiling.

Cannabis has important Phytocannabinoids such as CBDA and THCA.  When cannabis is decarboxylated, these components are converted into active molecular forms CBD and THC.

If the heat is too high, the chocolate will melt quickly, but you risk burning the bowl and distorting the taste of chocolate. 

Make sure to constantly stir the chocolate with a wooden spoon or with the help of a kitchen spatula so that it melts down evenly. 

Heating chocolate should be continued until the chocolate melts into a thick liquid. 

There should be no lumps and it should look like a velvet layer of chocolate.

Step 3: Mixing the cannabis

Take the ground cannabis bud from the first step and mix your ground cannabis with the melted chocolate. 

It should be properly stirred and mixed evenly with the melted chocolate.

If the cannabis is ground finely this will be easier and the ingredients will mix well. 

Top Tip:  In this step, cups of chocolate chips can also be added to the mixture.

Step 4: Pouring the mixture into molds

Now pour the mixture of chocolate and cannabis into chocolate molds. 

For this step, the easy route is to use chocolate bar molds that are easily available at an online store

However, if these are not available then the second option is to use an ice cube tray

Furthermore, here the trick is to make sure that there are no air bubbles in the chocolate molds or ice cube tray.

Once The mixture is poured into moulds or ice cube trays, there is a possibility of air bubbles. 

To work these out of your mixture, firmly bang your mixture onto the worktop a handful of times.

Once your mixture is poured and bubble-free, it’s time for step 5.

Top Tip: If you have no moulds available, make a large block of the mixture and let it dry. Later, it can be cut into chocolate bars.

Step 5: Refrigerating the mixture

With the mixture in an air-tight container place in the refrigerator.

Usually, it should be kept for around 45 minutes which is enough to let the mixture get hard and settled. 

However, it largely depends on the quality of the chocolate used and the end product you are trying to achieve. 

The total time also depends on the depth of the chocolate molds or ice cube tray being used.

Step 6: Enjoy Cannabis Chocolate

The last step is to take out the container from the refrigerator and remove the mixture from it. 

This is the final product in the form of delicious cannabis chocolate bars and are ready to be enjoyed. 

Cannabis chocolate should not be eaten in high doses rather it should be consumed a little bit at a time.

Top Tempered Tip For Cannabis Chocolate

Another trick that can be done is to temper the chocolate. For this, a food thermometer is required.

Sometimes, when the cannabis chocolate is ready some white patches are visible in its final look.

That may not look fine to some people and a good way to avoid this, is to temper the chocolate.

Step 1:

The chocolate is divided into two batches before it is put into the bowl.

Once the two-thirds of chocolate (first batch) is melted, remove it from heat and add the remaining chocolate (second small batch).

Step 2:

Now put it again on medium heat or low heat and keep on checking the temperature.

Once the temperature reaches 31 or 32 degrees centigrade it is tempered. 

However, this is not a necessary step, and the only downside is that it requires a food thermometer that may not be available in every kitchen. 

Making Cannabis Chocolate - The Bottom Line

So there you have it – 6 easy steps to the easiest cannabis chocolate recipe – and now you can really make your own cannabis chocolate bars at home!

It does not require any unique, special, or expensive equipment; you can successfully make cannabis chocolate bars with the help of regular items available in the kitchen. 

Vanilla extract can also be added to the recipe for a more unique flavor. 

A high quality chocolate will certainly help you to create your healthy cannabis chocolate bar recipe.