The 13 Best Auto-flowering Cannabis Strains


What are Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

Cannabis has some auto-flowering varieties that switch automatically from vegetative growth to flowering stage. 

The process depends on the age of the plant and the light-dark ratio. 

Auto-flowering strains do not rely on any external stimuli and flowers after a specific time has passed. 

This trait emerged as a response to the cannabis plant’s adaptation to the changing environmental conditions.

The auto-flowering gene was first found in the cannabis Ruderalis species.

It is usually found in central Asia, Russia, and Europe and is adapted to grow in harsh and colder climates.

The Cannabis Growing Cycle

A Cannabis growing cycle is comprised of 2 primary phases;

  1. The vegetative period
  2. The flowering period

Unlike the best auto-flowering Cannabis strains, photoperiod marijuana seeds require a change in the light-dark period to trigger flowering.  

5 Tips To Grow Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains

If you want to grow auto-flowering cannabis strains, here are some essential steps to follow to get a bigger yield.

1. Train the Plant

Cannabis plants can be trained while they are in the vegetative growth phase. 

This phase is brief in auto-flowering plants, and it lasts for a maximum time of 2 weeks.

To have an even canopy, top your plant only after it has developed 3 nodes. 

2. Climate

Auto-flowering plants do not need a photoperiod life cycle. 

You can begin the cultivation in March or September. Remember that cannabis plants need warmth to grow.

Auto-flowering cannabis plants should be harvested sequentially as they don't have enough time to form a canopy.

The buds should be protected from heavy rains or watering as they can put the plant at the risk of rot. 

3. Nutrition Guide

Auto-flowering cannabis plants do not need excess nutrients as the fellow photoperiod strains.

As the vegetative phase is brief, the plants do not need much nitrogen.

Also, remember that you should try to add readily available nutrients that can be utilized quickly by the plant.  

4. Harvest Sequentially

Auto-flowering cannabis plants should be harvested in the order that they are ready, as they don’t have enough time to form a canopy.

Try to harvest the colas (a tight cluster of buds), and then move to the lower buds.

They will dense up in some time and collect later. 

5. Plan for the Next Batch

If you are interested in growing more auto-flowering varieties, prepare for the next batch while you are harvesting.

Collect the seeds before picking the buds.

13 Of The Best Auto-Flowering Strains

If you are interested in growing a cannabis plant containing higher THC content, go for autoflower seeds.

These strains are shorter in size and can be quickly grown in an indoor and outdoor environment. 

Here are some of the prevalent THC-rich auto-flowering cannabis strains. 

1. Northern Lights

Royal queen seeds of Northern lights offer an excellent yield and flowers within 6-7 weeks of cultivation. 

It is undoubtedly the most famous indica dominant strain around the globe. 

This is a compact plant that grows to 80-130cm tall when cultivated indoors. 

These seeds produce spicy pine, wood, hash, and skunk notes with a sweet blend, making it one for the top-shelf. 

Northern Lights is our top pick for growers looking for quick error-proof results. 

2. Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple express auto is an easy and fast flowering strain of Cannabis. 

It produces heavy resinous buds with a sweet taste, creating a relaxing effect, which can be used to reduce stress and anxiety.

This strain offers up to 20% THC and less than 1% CBD.

It flowers in about 8 weeks and produces up to 18 ounces per square meter planted. 

3. Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia haze auto is known for its large yield among autoflowering strains that are available on the market. 

If grown outdoors, it can produce up to 189g/plant and about 400g/plant if grown indoors under controlled conditions. 

It is an ultra-hybrid strain still classified as Sativa.

It may also contain up to 20% CBD, making it even more desirable. 

4. Blue Dream Auto

This Autoflowering version of blue dream and cannabis ruderalis takes about 9-10 weeks before it’s ready for harvest. 

It offers a good yield in temperate, dry, warm, and Mediterranean climates producing hints of;

  • Citrus Fruit
  • Cedar
  • Sweet Fruit
  • Haze

It is quite helpful in relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It is a perfect choice for beginners and haze lovers. 

5. Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla glue auto is an Indica dominant strain that produces high levels of THC, offering mind-altering properties and long-lasting relaxation. 

It produces hints of pine, sour lemon, and diesel aroma offering 30% Indica and 65% Sativa genetics.

This is one of the most potent strains offered by Fast Buds

An easy pick for the best results, Gorilla Glue offers recreational effects without causing drowsiness. 

6. Moby Dick Autoflowering

This is a broad and high strain that produces compact, heavy, and dense buds. 

Its growing cycle is 70-75 days long and requires 18-20 hours of light a day.

Moby Dick has the genetics of Haze and White Widow offering up to 17% THC and about 1% CBD.

Its earthy notes are perfect for producing happy feelings and relaxing effects.

7. Autoflowering White Widow

Autoflowering White Widow is characterized by broad and dark green leaves with heavily coated resins that can be seen at the end of the flowering phase. 

When cultivated in optimal conditions, it can offer 190-240g of yield per plant.

If you are an indoor grower, be ready to harvest within 7-9 weeks of cultivation. 

Another way to check its harvesting time is to wait for 70% of the pistils to turn amber. 

8. Auto Blueberry

Blueberry auto is another Indica dominant strain that takes about 8-9 weeks before being harvested. 

It is an independent and robust strain, offering hints of fruity flavor and blueberry and produces relaxed and happy euphoric effects.

These plants tend to be shorter in height and have thick resin-covered buds. Blueberry auto seeds can be purchased from Dutch Passion

9. OG Kush Auto

It is another Autoflowering cannabis seed that is a cross between Ruderalis and OG Kush. The small size of these plants requires a little space offering exotic lemony flavor. 

It has a life cycle of 10 weeks with about 24% THC content. 

It produces relaxing effects enough to give you a couch lock, so best avoided in the daytime if you have plans. 

This Indica dominant strain offers a good yield if grown under the right conditions.

10. Green Gelato Auto

The Green Gelato strain has a pleasant fragrance along with about 23-27% THC. 

Using this popular strain can cause euphoric effects but also prevail in a relaxed feeling.

The sweet and fruity aroma also attracts the users and makes this strain quite enjoyable.

The strain produces 70 ounces after it has germinated. It can be harvested in about 7-8 weeks of growth.

11. Girls Scout Cookies Auto

Girls Scout cookies are one of the famous and potent auto-flower strains of Cannabis available on the market. 

The THC content of this strain ranges from 18-25%, which is an ideal quantity for many Cannabis users. 

This strain is also rich in THCV, a potential compound effective for reducing anxiety, which THC may have induced. 

The plant can grow from 60-1200 cm in height.

You can harvest this strain in about 8-9 weeks after it has germinated.

12. Purple Haze Auto

One of the best autoflower strains containing high THC levels is Purple Haze Auto. 

This is because it has a medium level of THC that can produce a relaxing feeling. 

The plant is made up of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa genetics, which makes it an ideal choice for treating depression and anxiety. 

It can be easily used at a party or a social event. The plant grows up to 120cm and can be harvested in about 70 days of germination.

13. Fat Banana Automatic

Fat Banana Automatic is an aromatic strain containing approximately 22% THC, an ideal amount to get you high and still not freak you out. 

Its flavor and aroma are similar to the photoperiod strains of Cannabis.

These plants are short and easy to grow and can be harvested in about 9-10 weeks of germination. 

The plant reaches 100-120cm in length. 

The strain has 25% Fatawa genes, 70% Indica strain, and 5% Ruderalis genetics.

Pros and Cons of Auto-Flowering Strains

Auto-flowering strains of Cannabis have a considerable advantage over the photoperiod varieties. 

They are a perfect strain to be tried if you are new to cultivating Cannabis. They are the best option for beginner growers

Here are a few potential benefits of auto-flowering marijuana strains

Pro’s Of Autoflowering Strains

Quick Life Cycle

Auto-flowering Cannabis varieties have a speedy life period, and they can grow to the fullest flower in around 7-10 weeks. 

A photoperiod variety will take all this period to complete the flowering time only. 

Auto strains have a very short vegetative stage and a very fast flowering stage.

Auto-flowering strains ripe quickly and can best be tested as soon as the yield is ready.

The speedy growth of these varieties is attractive, as they can have instant results as soon as the crop starts to grow. 

If you have invested much of your fortune in the Cannabis business, waiting for a long time might not be an option.

Auto-flowering strains ripe quickly and can best be tested as soon as the yield is ready.

Simpler Light Demands

Auto-flowering strains of Cannabis have more straightforward light demands. 

The growers only need to provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark during the entire life cycle.

Unlike the photoperiod species, these do not require any particular light schedule for flowering and vegetative phases. 

Experienced growers can try their combination of light and dark hours and may go for a 24-hour light cycle, or 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. 

Sturdy Plants

Auto-flowering cannabis plants are strong, sturdy, and well-equipped to deal with harsh temperatures and extreme environmental conditions.

This species can quickly grow in the broken ground or less fertile land and perform exceptionally against pest infestations. 

No Strict Nutrient Demands

Linked to the above point about their sturdiness, Auto-flowering Cannabis can grow very well in less nutritious soil. 

In most cases, soil composition does not affect the fast growth and quality of these best autoflowering strains.

On the other hand, photoperiod strains require highly nutritional soil with an optimum PH and a strict light/dark cycle. 

Higher CBD Content

If you are looking for equally higher yields of THC and CBD, the best Autoflowering seeds can be your go-to option. 

They provide both recreational and medicinal benefits

Cons Of Autoflowering Strains

We already know that nothing is perfect, so the auto-flowering strains of Cannabis also have some disadvantages.

Smaller Yield

One of the significant disadvantages of cannabis strains is their lower yield. 

They have a compact structure and cannot produce buds as many as the other photoperiod cannabis strains.

Many auto-flowering strains do not exceed the length of one meter, so they have less room for providing a higher amount of buds.

Lower THC Content

Most of the auto-flowering cannabis strains have a more moderate THC content and a comparatively higher level of CBD. 

It may not be beneficial for people who are looking for cannabis strains for recreational use.

However, if you are trying to extract CBD for different purposes, auto-flowering strains could be a great option. 

Poor Quality Cloning

Another significant disadvantage of auto-flowering species of Cannabis is that they cannot produce a good quality clone.

This means that you will never have the exact copy of the mother plant, and the new plant will always have some variations.